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Executive Director , Michelle Carranza


CEO and Executive Director Michelle Carranza is a marketing professional, teacher, entrepreneur, traveler and someone passionate to be part of change in the world. Michelle is the heart of International Hand Foundation.


It was the villages and children in Africa that captured her heart and began this journey. She has worked with children spreading awareness of HIV and AIDS, rolled up her sleeves in the cornfields of Tanzania to raise money for widowed women and supported single staff nurses in rural villages delivering babies. Her vision is backed with love, determination, and passion.



Executive Director Uganda, Frank Bikaba


Frank is International Hand's on ground staff. He is commited to his community and it's growth. He works in the rural villages as the only on ground clinical staff. He treats patients with Malara, HIV and serves as an advisor.  He took Michelle in as a traveler and volunteer in her first trip to Uganda. During that trip they came together while he put Michelle to work in the clinic delivering babies, treating children for Malaria. They had a vision to make a difference, and together the set off to start work on IHF. Frank has worked for the UNESCO in clinics and also part of staff at Busoga College.


“We believe that children in the developing world need to live to strive, to learn and to challenge the obstacles that hinder their growth. They deserve the opportunity to grow not only as individuals but as members of happy, prosperous communities. Education transforms lives; IHF knows that if these children are given access to proper schooling, their futures will be brighter, and so will the futures of the countries in which they live.”

- Michelle

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